Well, this is exciting.  I was nominated for an inspiring blogger award by one of my fellow bloggers (thanks !).  This is something that actually means a lot to me, because it means that me writing about my experiences has helped someone else besides me.


That has always been my hope, that someone might read my blog and have a slightly brighter day because of it.  What we have been through is hard, but we are not alone.  We will all get through this and be better for it, regardless of how hopeless it may seem.  I feel as though I should nominate others for this award, however, because there are several people whose blogs have brightened my day.

The rules of the award are;

1 thank the person who nominated you, display the award on your post.
2 list the award rules
3 state 7 random things about yourself
4 nominate other bloggers
5 contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them
6 proudly display the award logo on your blog either on a side bar, about page or a special award page
7 Random Things About Myself 

1. I lost 30 lbs during this process.

2. I like the outdoors a lot.

3. I have a small schnauzer/terrier mix named Raven.

4. I served in the US Navy.

5. My favorite place to  vacation is in the Caribbean.

6. I get so active and focused that I sometimes eat one small meal a day.

7. I like to surf on the oregon coast. This woman has been a lovely addition to the blogs I follow.  This experience is tough for everyone but she has weathered it with humility and grace.  A midst all the anger and negativity she exists as a beacon of positive thoughts and kind words.  If you are having a tough day swing by her blog and give it a read.  I promise you will leave feeling a little better than you did before. There are a lot of things about this situation that are tough, but addiction is one thing that I have had the luxury not to experience (in me or my soon to be ex wife).  This woman writes about her struggles with her (ex?) Husbands addiction to pornography and how it has manifested itself into physical affairs.  Sometimes angry, always thought provoking, I have gained much insight into the world of addiction by reading her blog.

Thanks for the support everyone, and thank you for the views and the likes and the comments.  My world would be much less bearable without our community 🙂