Too Much

It’s been a while since I posted.  Life has been quite busy.  As I have posted about before, I recently (within the last three months) got a job in the field  of mental health, and I have been loving it (for the most part).  There are still some things that irk me about the field and my duties, but starting at the bottom is part of the process.  This experience has been eye opening in a lot of ways, but the experience I have gained has been invaluable.  I can’t tell you how affirming it is to be able to sit with a group of professionals and be able to talk as experts in something.  I never thought I would get to this point as an engineer, and that it was something I would never see in my life.  But siting amongst my peers and having them look to me for advice on how to deal with or interact with a client is a fantastic feeling.  This is where I’m supposed to be!

School has been rough.  I took an extra class in order to raise the grade I got previously.  That meant I was taking 16 units and working full time.  I was doing alright for a short time, but eventually it caught up to me.  My grade started to slip in that class, and then in my other classes as well.  I don’t know what it is about schoolwork, but I have a really hard time doing it in certain circumstances.  I couldn’t even force myself to sit down and complete it, I would just sit on the couch or in front of the computer screen and try to fly to the farthest part of my mind.  If there is something I will never be bad at, it’s avoidance haha.

I finally made the decision to drop my extra class, and sit down with my manager and talk about my schedule.  This is too much, and it’s about to get even harder with my transition to a four year university coming up.  I need to prepare in a way that ensures that my priorities are maintained.  School is number one.  I have my goals and my dreams and I will not compromise.  If there is nothing my job can do to accommodate me then I’ll leave.  It was a great foot in the door, and I know of a lot of other companies that would be more than willing to take me on an On call or part time basis.

On a side note, I had a lovely weekend with a fellow blogger!  She and I have been speaking for a while, and I planned a vacation to go visit her in California.  It was a wonderful weekend, full of sightseeing and DELICIOUS food.  We got along like peas and carrots and I’m so thankful that I had a weekend to let the rest of life wash off of me.  So thank you L. Rorschach for being such a gracious host and leading me through the city 🙂


Better days ahead everyone, even if I’m so damn tired…


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